Thursday, June 3, 2010

short course week 3

sakai :p

klip klap klip klap. 3 weeks of short course completed already. that means only 2 weeks left for classes. 3 weeks away from final, 4 weeks away from new semester, and 1 week away from the doom's day, the result day >< daym!!

I went to see my lecturer yesterday, PM Aishah for the final year project proposal discussion. later after the discussion i asked PM about last semester's result, particularly, this 1 subject, ITS570 (System Design). Last semester I think this paper is the toughest, including it's test and also project's presentation. Asked few of my fellow they gave me the same feedback. So, back to the point, I asked PM about student's performance on this subject and she told me that it was not good. 12 students did not make it. have to retake this paper next semester. She did not mention who, but 12 students, the number that really makes me, infact all ISE students of my batch nerves! *sighs*

well, result is next week's story. let's forget about it for awhile and enjoy semester break :p

short course! The progress? hmm so far so good. I'm taking economics subject and this subject seems to suit me well. the subject teaches us about the microeconomics and macroeconomics, the national income, how to control inflation, consumer seller thingy and more. So far all the topics are interesting to learn and easy to understand, maybe because it has to do with the real life, how the world is dealing with it. and plus, thanks to the very good lecturer. Pn Zahariah. Her lecture methodologies are well understood, full with examples and does have funny2 elements (err buat kelakar) :p hoping for A+ insyaAllah :)

Other things that happened during short course: rakan2 uitm perak turun shah alam. jadi tutor photoshop pulak :p
woi :p


Owh, not to forget, world cup is just around the corner yawh! The fever is back. Already everyday got matches now, friendly match definitely. But still, it's football! haha. No more french, cheering for Holland this time around. They got potential and good gameplay, maybe they are lack in defense, but still, they got potential.

Real Madrid are coming to Malaysia? Jomm beli tiket haha. till then ;)


Anonymous said...

hoi kipas aku!asal letak balik penutupnya..xsejuk la nnt..haha

Amar Syafiq said...

aku basuh kot! bahaya dowh kalau tak tutup nanti takleh menggeliat. hahaha

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