Wednesday, June 30, 2010

before the new semester

its already week dah start balik kuliahhh..malas malas malas!

haha. its coming up soon anyway so have to buck up, prepare myself for whatever waiting for me this coming semester. last semester was tahi so i dont want to make the same mistake over and over again and regret over and over again. plus next semester looks busier than the last two semesters, with the addition of final year project formulation and proposal. oh my..

toy story 3. photo

anyway i still have couple of day left this semester break so dont spoil the mood bhoi! haha. with the existence of wangsa walk mall, me and most of the resident in melawati are reliefs because we dont have to go as far as klcc or even one utama just to watch a movie. wangsa walk mall can provide it, they have tgv. plus, they also offers 3D movie! woliao!

knight & day. photo

i went to watch toy story 3 in 3D that day with my mom and hell yeah the movie was great. for me toy story movies was the best animated movies i ever watched as i follow the series since i was 7 and till now. apart from the movie, the cinema is really nice. tak ramai so no problem of getting tickets, comfy seat, the gap between the seat and the front seat is quite wide so people with long legs like mine would be comfortable. plus, it only took me 15 minutes from home to reach to the wang walk mall so no rushing! i went there again today to watch knight and day. best! :D

oranje! photo

world cup. ke nako! ("it's time") haha. holland squad are doing well right now, beating slovakia 2-1 to reach the quarter final. their next opponent will be brazil, the 5 time champions. its gonna be tough, but i believe they can make it. come on oranje!


in addition to this post, dont forget to vote for my friend for the reality show Keynote from Astro

sms: KN SYUKRI to 32999

Khairul Syukri Mohd Ridzuan, a person whom I know him at UiTM Perak, is a very nice friend and a true music lover. his passion on music is undeniable, his talent for singing and playing music is masterpiece, and his capability of composing music is proven. i am proud of what he has achieved and achieving and he have my full support of what he is doing. it's your platform mate, u know it. don't spoil the chance. good luck :)

till then ;)


Anonymous said...

aww so sweet of you to mention him on your post :) its his sister btw, done abit of stalking!

Amar Syafiq said...

haa..stalker! hehe. kakak yg baru kawen tu eh? good luck to ur brother! dah femes la dia :p

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