Monday, November 22, 2010

UiTM Perak Latest

Hi there. its been awhile since the last time i blogged. been busy with uni stuffs, as usual. oh and exam as well. just finished the finals. so, the saga continues! heheh

My last paper was on october 10. so the next day me and shamsul and raina went to UiTM Perak to bring raina's sister home. Her sister is studying there and since the semester break is already began she needed to bring her stuffs home and bigger car is needed so i decided to follow. naik kereta saya tapi the toll and fuel is all theirs :D

Most student who was from uitm perak is aware that the campus is becoming bigger as more and more building has been developed (poor us, kitorang blah je macam-macam benda baru dia buat. haha!) and that is another reason why i want to follow them, to go there and see the development. what's new? what changes has been made? what did i miss since my last visit there?

well, there is a development. lots of new building has been build (err) and the best part is, the new buildings are far far better designed, better look, better appearance than the existing buildings that has been there during my time. urgh, dammit. why is this happening?? grr! jeles! haha. i've taken some picture. see for yourself

* * * * * * * * * *

Downtown. during my time, it was just a khemah -.-

Pusat Islam Baru

Dewan Sri Iskandar (DSI) Baru. This is where students here will have their convocation

DSI Baru (Side). err merah ni tak tau apa nama :p

DSI Baru: student yg gigih nak seat for exam

DSI Baru: Interior

UiTM Perak: latest map

Pusat Islam: DSI Baru view

this is a new building located at the side of Art & Desisgn faculty. tak tau untuk apa o.o

* * * * * * * * * *
Wait wait, there's more! haha.
* * * * * * * * * *

FSKM, my faculty! err this was already existed during my time. saja nak promote. haha

down memory lane

kena inspection dgn Cik Khairulliza & Pn Siti Rozanae =.="

Bangunan Akademik, depan fakulti akaun
(soon to be faculty of Business and Office Management)

* * * * * * * * * *

Best kan? rasa macam nak study sana balik je. avoiding all the serabutness of uitm shah alam hahaha ~.~ anyway, i am happy to see the development that has been made to uitm perak. the improvement has made me, no, not just me but surely all students that was from there proud. we are proud that we was once a student of uitm perak, kampus yg cantekk! haha. hope to see more and more development in years to come. looking foward to come back and pay a visit there in the future :D

till then ;)