Monday, March 29, 2010

demm degree demm

Salam 1Malaysia

mengamuk di williams. hoi habis plak :p

Exam timetable semester 4

  1. Friday 23/4/10 ITS544 Human Computer Interaction
  2. Sunday 25/4/10 ITS570 Object Oriented Design & Implementation
  3. Thursday 29/4/10 ITS571 Database Engineering
  4. Monday 03/05/10 MAT422 Maths Logic & Proving

Source: UiTM Student Portal

Exam is just around the corner. Believe it or not, it's just less than 3 weeks away. And believe it or not, from the start of this semester until now, i feel like i have learned almost nothing. yeah, this semester has been the laziest semester for me in uitm. and yeah, that do make me worry. Bodo 3 minggu lagi la weh! Dengan keje byk lagi si projek-projek dan juga si test-test. Ditambah lagi dengan proposal for FYP. Dah kena start fikir idea, area of interest and also lecturer/supervisor to 'tackle'. Demm degree demm -.-

Bodo uitm. parking kat dalam kotak kuning yang kat area parking tu ada signboard P dan tak ada pun tulis 'untuk berpelekat merah' sahaja pun boleh dia saman aku. Dah la area yang memang jarang lecturer nak parking situ. dah la tak konsisten, kejap boleh park situ kejap tak. Dah ada fakulti sendiri pegi letak kitorang kat cempaka plak tu. demm parking demm -.-

lapar! jom oblong. till then ;D

Saturday, March 13, 2010

apa eh

Finally after 2 weeks of weekend yang kacau, i've been able to spend my weekend again at home. Damm those bloody module, ldk, tests, wtf2 -.-

But eventhough it's weekend the schedule remain busy as I have to prepare myself for another 3 upcoming tests next week. Plus as usual, assignments. Gah, every week is a deadline week. This, is the life of an engineer (cheh poyo!) haha :p

Behold, the debut of the photoshop cs4 creation :p

gambar tiada motif + poyo, sekadar hiasan

juga, hiasan

till then ;)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Very The Hectic

Very the hectic. My test schedule is very the hectic. My precious joyful relaxing time is gone at the moment. Demm

  • 5/3 JAVA test
  • 7/3 Database test
  • 9/3 French Reading Test
  • 11/3 Object-Oriented Design Test
  • 15/3 Human Computer Interaction Test

Doesnt look much right? But when you add them up with assignments + projects submission, plus you'll be having some quizzes and presentations..believe me, it's a disaster. haha.

I love database. Currently i'm learning Oracle for my database and believe me, it is undoubtedly fun! Having a bit advantage since I've learned some of the oracle sql during my internship last time has make the study even more fun! I love it! And for now, I have set my target, I wanna become a Database Admin. At least if I did not excel in my other subjects, I will make sure that this 1 little subject that I like, I score ;) gah, test java petang tadi memang gue hancur sial...-.-

tiba-tiba rindu uitm perak. hmm

till then ;)