Saturday, March 6, 2010

Very The Hectic

Very the hectic. My test schedule is very the hectic. My precious joyful relaxing time is gone at the moment. Demm

  • 5/3 JAVA test
  • 7/3 Database test
  • 9/3 French Reading Test
  • 11/3 Object-Oriented Design Test
  • 15/3 Human Computer Interaction Test

Doesnt look much right? But when you add them up with assignments + projects submission, plus you'll be having some quizzes and presentations..believe me, it's a disaster. haha.

I love database. Currently i'm learning Oracle for my database and believe me, it is undoubtedly fun! Having a bit advantage since I've learned some of the oracle sql during my internship last time has make the study even more fun! I love it! And for now, I have set my target, I wanna become a Database Admin. At least if I did not excel in my other subjects, I will make sure that this 1 little subject that I like, I score ;) gah, test java petang tadi memang gue hancur sial...-.-

tiba-tiba rindu uitm perak. hmm

till then ;)


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atie said...

boss, xwish pon bday daku~~ sob3...

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