Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holiday Mode

Currently in 'cuti' mode. Oh my, it's Wednesday already. Malasnya nak start balik rutin - rutin uni itu. Pergi kelas, parking di tempat parking kolam renang, panjat tangga batu caves uitm, peluh-peluh, penat. In fact, starting from next week we are all going to be busy like heyl. Tests here and there, projects, assignments. It would be nice if this holiday is much much more longer. *sighs*

Forget about those things. Remember about the issue I said about my rumah sewa recently> Well, things has been slowly settled from time to time. Now, there are 10 peoples students tenants living there, and all of them are very nice people. Relationship between one and another are very good, easy to get along with, much closer, much organized and hell yeah, i like it! Our house cool! ;D

sudut termenung to Afandi

Degree life is also fun for me. Having since moving to Shah Alam from Perak, I have been involving in activities with my fellow ex-schoolmates even more than before. Its near and easy for me to go anywhere around kl here, plus it seems like I everyweek balik je kan hahaha. I dont know about you guys but for me, there's a different feeling when you hangout with your good-old schoolmates than other friend. Macam mana nak cakap eh, ntahla! haha

Shot of the Week. Miahaha

anyway, enjoy thy holiday! avoir de bonnes vacances! Bonne Anniversaire!

till then ;)


atie said...

mane PD nye weh?
hek eh...

Amar Syafiq said...

mane cek tau..
sape organize nih???
atie la organize cepat...kawe ikut je haha :p

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