Friday, May 27, 2011

project finally over :)

Hi there,

its been awhile since my last post. i'm becoming less and less active in here now. ini tidak boleh jadi. daymn! haha

well, the good news that i would like to share with you guys is that my final year project is finally over. yeahh that's right! i passed! and according to the source that i trust, the grade is not that bad, sadly it is not an A. haihhh. its okay, the result reflects the effort i gave for the project, but hey, i passed! hehe :p

fyp is over. finally :)

the other 2 subjects taken this semester are also not bad. so now there is only 1 semester to go for me to complete my bachelor program. why..why september..could have finished my degree in november instead of january. damm u. kerja g naek rooftop fac engineering je :p

at the moment, i am currently busy taking this professional certificate: in uitm. will be busy till june 21. the course is actually quite expensive if we want to do it elsewhere but in uitm, it is free! so why not right? huhu.

haihh. this is a long long wait. all i can say that for now i just have to wait. patience. but whatever happens next, anything, i gotta be cool, be wise and smile. haha. i guess that is all for now.

till then ;)