Wednesday, June 30, 2010

before the new semester

its already week dah start balik kuliahhh..malas malas malas!

haha. its coming up soon anyway so have to buck up, prepare myself for whatever waiting for me this coming semester. last semester was tahi so i dont want to make the same mistake over and over again and regret over and over again. plus next semester looks busier than the last two semesters, with the addition of final year project formulation and proposal. oh my..

toy story 3. photo

anyway i still have couple of day left this semester break so dont spoil the mood bhoi! haha. with the existence of wangsa walk mall, me and most of the resident in melawati are reliefs because we dont have to go as far as klcc or even one utama just to watch a movie. wangsa walk mall can provide it, they have tgv. plus, they also offers 3D movie! woliao!

knight & day. photo

i went to watch toy story 3 in 3D that day with my mom and hell yeah the movie was great. for me toy story movies was the best animated movies i ever watched as i follow the series since i was 7 and till now. apart from the movie, the cinema is really nice. tak ramai so no problem of getting tickets, comfy seat, the gap between the seat and the front seat is quite wide so people with long legs like mine would be comfortable. plus, it only took me 15 minutes from home to reach to the wang walk mall so no rushing! i went there again today to watch knight and day. best! :D

oranje! photo

world cup. ke nako! ("it's time") haha. holland squad are doing well right now, beating slovakia 2-1 to reach the quarter final. their next opponent will be brazil, the 5 time champions. its gonna be tough, but i believe they can make it. come on oranje!


in addition to this post, dont forget to vote for my friend for the reality show Keynote from Astro

sms: KN SYUKRI to 32999

Khairul Syukri Mohd Ridzuan, a person whom I know him at UiTM Perak, is a very nice friend and a true music lover. his passion on music is undeniable, his talent for singing and playing music is masterpiece, and his capability of composing music is proven. i am proud of what he has achieved and achieving and he have my full support of what he is doing. it's your platform mate, u know it. don't spoil the chance. good luck :)

till then ;)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

shortcourse week 5

hd. clearer :p

hi there. mama, 2 matsaleh..haha iklan astro

hi there, its been awhile. yeah result came out and haih..i failed my math paper. it was so surprising, because before the result came out its not math paper that i was worrying about, its the system design (its570) paper. i was pretty confident answering the math paper, not the its570 one, but things happened the other away around. daymmm. but thank god, its better to fail the math paper than the its570 because its570 have pre-requisite paper, which means that if i failed that paper, i am unable to take another system paper. so after all, takde lah kempunan sangat ahaha.

on the other hand, the shorty-course has been progressing well. lecture session has just finished last wednesday, now we're just waiting to seat for the exam next thursday. carry marks' pretty good, i got 43/50 so i'm still aiming for the A+ wakawaka. tapi aim je lebih kalau tak study ape gunanya..haha

world cup! waka waka eh eh. So far the holland team is doing well, not awesome, but well enough to survive the group stage. At the moment also shown that teams from europe are struggling to get their steps into the game. i dont know, some says europe team are stronger only when playing in their own soil. when looking at the competition right now, that's kinda true. hopefully the oranje can make something different though. but currently, the south american teams are performing well at the tournament. uruguay, argentina, brazil, are among favorites to be crown the champion. waka waka

2 weeks left for holiday. damm cepatnya masa berlalu. grr

till then ;)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

short course week 3

sakai :p

klip klap klip klap. 3 weeks of short course completed already. that means only 2 weeks left for classes. 3 weeks away from final, 4 weeks away from new semester, and 1 week away from the doom's day, the result day >< daym!!

I went to see my lecturer yesterday, PM Aishah for the final year project proposal discussion. later after the discussion i asked PM about last semester's result, particularly, this 1 subject, ITS570 (System Design). Last semester I think this paper is the toughest, including it's test and also project's presentation. Asked few of my fellow they gave me the same feedback. So, back to the point, I asked PM about student's performance on this subject and she told me that it was not good. 12 students did not make it. have to retake this paper next semester. She did not mention who, but 12 students, the number that really makes me, infact all ISE students of my batch nerves! *sighs*

well, result is next week's story. let's forget about it for awhile and enjoy semester break :p

short course! The progress? hmm so far so good. I'm taking economics subject and this subject seems to suit me well. the subject teaches us about the microeconomics and macroeconomics, the national income, how to control inflation, consumer seller thingy and more. So far all the topics are interesting to learn and easy to understand, maybe because it has to do with the real life, how the world is dealing with it. and plus, thanks to the very good lecturer. Pn Zahariah. Her lecture methodologies are well understood, full with examples and does have funny2 elements (err buat kelakar) :p hoping for A+ insyaAllah :)

Other things that happened during short course: rakan2 uitm perak turun shah alam. jadi tutor photoshop pulak :p
woi :p


Owh, not to forget, world cup is just around the corner yawh! The fever is back. Already everyday got matches now, friendly match definitely. But still, it's football! haha. No more french, cheering for Holland this time around. They got potential and good gameplay, maybe they are lack in defense, but still, they got potential.

Real Madrid are coming to Malaysia? Jomm beli tiket haha. till then ;)