Saturday, June 19, 2010

shortcourse week 5

hd. clearer :p

hi there. mama, 2 matsaleh..haha iklan astro

hi there, its been awhile. yeah result came out and haih..i failed my math paper. it was so surprising, because before the result came out its not math paper that i was worrying about, its the system design (its570) paper. i was pretty confident answering the math paper, not the its570 one, but things happened the other away around. daymmm. but thank god, its better to fail the math paper than the its570 because its570 have pre-requisite paper, which means that if i failed that paper, i am unable to take another system paper. so after all, takde lah kempunan sangat ahaha.

on the other hand, the shorty-course has been progressing well. lecture session has just finished last wednesday, now we're just waiting to seat for the exam next thursday. carry marks' pretty good, i got 43/50 so i'm still aiming for the A+ wakawaka. tapi aim je lebih kalau tak study ape gunanya..haha

world cup! waka waka eh eh. So far the holland team is doing well, not awesome, but well enough to survive the group stage. At the moment also shown that teams from europe are struggling to get their steps into the game. i dont know, some says europe team are stronger only when playing in their own soil. when looking at the competition right now, that's kinda true. hopefully the oranje can make something different though. but currently, the south american teams are performing well at the tournament. uruguay, argentina, brazil, are among favorites to be crown the champion. waka waka

2 weeks left for holiday. damm cepatnya masa berlalu. grr

till then ;)


Najiahtul Syafiqah Ismail said...

For bola-mania.. exam, exam jugak, bola still on... haha.. ;) good luck!!!

Amar Syafiq said...

yeahhh that's the spirit!! thanks najiahtul! :D

Anonymous said...

gagal sekali bukan bermakne gagal utk selamenye....chayok2...(skema je ayt...hihi)

Amar Syafiq said...

haha..chayok2!! ;)

Anonymous said...

gelak lak...btul2 la...hehe..=)

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