Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ads System

I'm a busyman during working hour at the mo.

Webcast streaming for Hotfm, Flyfm and Onefm has been delayed from time to time due to the unstable of the streaming. Supposed to be up last week though. So the mangsa is the IT team and some Radio Network people (specifically me, Elisa and Alex, but me is busier!). Right now streaming for both Flyfm and Onefm are running ok. The big problem is now Hotfm. At the moment the audio of the streaming is bad oh. Macam ade bunyi noise yang sungguh mengacau jiwa. Dont know where the sound came from. Haih tensen2..

Anyway, I'm so heppy. I managed to develop a system that is going to be used in Alt Media Department, Media Prima Berhad. Haa. First time using Microsoft Visual C# and WPF Applications (bende yg ade kt dalam Microsoft VIsual C# tu) took me 3 months to adapt with it. WPF Applications is so fun, using XAML as language it makes you easier to build a nice, no, wonderful interface for your system. Kalau korang boleh buat animation semua tu lagi style. The system is called Ads Summary System. Dia akan display list of Advertisements (Ads) bagi setiap show yang ditayangkan di televisyen anda mengikut saluran dan tarikh yang dipilih oleh pengguna(user). From what I know this system is important for Alt Media as it ease the work of the transcoder team coz the system actually sort out the ads according to its show before displaying the summary. Sebelum ni diorang kena sort sendiri. Here's some screenshot:

Other than logo tv3,7,8,9 semua interface tu design via coding @ XAML. Caya x? Haha. I gained lots of benefit during the process of developing this system:

  • wpf
  • c#
  • xaml
  • oracle database
  • creating procedure in database
  • creating jobs in database
  • schedule jobs in database
  • expression blend!

The system is still under testing, and yet to be demo-ed to boss mr.Rezwan. And still in the process of mencantikkan the system, as I baru nak mengexplore Expression Blend. Boss cakap kalau boleh nak ade yang terbang2 o.o

Currently waiting for the result of my degree application. I'm applying for:
1. Information System Engineering
2. Data Communications and Networking
3. Computer Science
4. Net Centric
And tak kisahla dapat yg maner pun.

Till then ;D

Monday, May 18, 2009

Canonia & Honey

SMS from Canon:
Your A.I.O. PRINTER; repaired & ready for collection; no charge; do not reply this message. TQ.

Haa..what a relief. But I think there will still be a charge of rm30 like the canon people told me the other day. Hah nevermind asalkan boleh print. Thinking of creating a photobook..

My laptop has been so bengong for the past few weeks. Dia jadi slow giler eventhough I dah tambah RAM so I've decided to repair the OS then. But unfortunately after it has done repairing I was unable to connect my laptop to my streamyx. You know, when you want to set up the connection manually you have to do the set up in Network Connection. Click 'create a new connection' > 'connect to the Internet' > 'set up the connection manually'. Once I ticked those buttons I have to tick the options 'use connection that requires user name and password' but the option is grayed. These has forced me to reformat my laptop yesterday but it is still the same. Until now I am unable to find the solution, neither the IT staffs here. Haih susah oh xleh online kat sini. Kongkes.

Woot. Pagi tadi streaming down so me and Elisa pegi check on all radio streamings in the building. Time tgh check and reconfigure streaming for fly, time tu Hunny Madu punya shift. The streaming pc is actually just beside the announcer's table inside the conty. Tetiba Hunny tego "hey, what up!". Haha I pun balas biasa je. Then moments later I can hear that she was talking to herself. Then tetibe dia tersedar i ade kat situ. Dia pun cakap "oh sorry eh i kekadang suke cakap sorang2". Haha :p suddenly I got keberanian untuk berborak dgn dia n i pun tanye, "hunny, got extra Terminator ticket ah? I want lar..". She replied, "Oh, I can give you, but you have to SMS me first. Seriously, SMS to flyfm and then I will call you and walah!". I was like what the...malu lah! Nanti suara keluar national radio :p I told her that but she said "haha..that one i cannot help". She kept telling me to SMS tapi I masih malu dan menolak. Lepas tu dia cakap xpe esok ade lagi. Haha malu lah! Tapi tadi lepas keluar conti menyesal pulak tolak. At least try je la kan hee. Xpe la. Anyway Hunny is really friendly and gile2 minded and it was fun talking to her, even for awhile. Oh, not to forget, It was fun talking on the phone with someone last week too ;D

Kongkes punye laptop. Nak buat keje pun susa. Kat rumah nak online kena guna pc. *^%&$*^%&$*(*&^&*(!

Till then ;D

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hancurnya Presentation

Fuh..lega gile bile dh buat presentation. Walaupun hancur tp ok la..

Yesterday I went to UiTM Shah Alam to present what i've been doing in the past 4 months during my internship. I've been so busy for the past 3 days before the presentation day completing all those log book, practical training report, system's user manual and slide presentation. That is the bad attitude of me, suka sangat buat kerja last minute. Dari dulu sampai sekarang. The worst part is the day before the presentation day I have to stay up until 3 am to complete my slide presentation and to woke up at 6am on the next day. Nasib baik tak bengong time presentation haha.

The presentation was not bad. It start with the presentation from the UiTM Perlis. Good presentation, but the system is too, as simple as ours. Bagus, ade gang..hehe. Then came my turn to present. Oh God, hancurnya presentationku! It's not the system I made that hancur, but it's the way I present my system. Ayat2 berterabur, suara makin slow, muka peluh2..haha what is wrong with me :p Mungkin effect dari tak cukup tido + tak prepare untuk presentation tu kowt. Haih peduli la. After all, the overall presentation was okay coz most of the candidates are as just as same as me, same je present takut2 :p and lectures pun ok, diorang macam faham je situation kitorang. The didn't ask too many question. And they also didn't find anything wrong on our practical reports so we dont have to do any correction. Wah best gile. Beza ah dengan ape yg kitorang tengok time kat Perak ari tu. So the presentation is over. As well as our practical training. And know what, thing that is on our mind is..."grad! grad! We're going to grad! " yeahhh so lega you know! At last we've completed our diploma. Alhamdulillah ;)

Nasi Ayam Lemon Pak'Ali Kopitiam best gile. Strawberry smoothies dia pun.

After Friday prayers me and kay straight away went jalan2 Shah Alam to find the Canon Head Office. Bosan ah mula2 plan dengan bebudak lain semua nak pegi pyramid tapi Farez boleh nak tukar plan pegi Jusco Bukit Raja plak. Tak dapat la. Aku nak hantar printer kowt haha. Okay Shah Alam is actually the place that you need a GPS if you are not familiar with their roads there. Seriously! Banyak gile roundabout. Seksyen merata. Siap ade Seksyen U lagi. Ugh. As I've mentioned before, I was looking for this address:

Seksyen U2, Paremba Square,
Saujana Resort,
40150 Shan Alam

Puas round 1 Shah Alam. 2-3 kali jugak la masuk Pusat Bandar Shah Alam tu. Tak jumpa jugak. Until we stopped at Petronas near politeknik Shah Alam when kay went to ask for a direction from some pakcik. Pakcik tu pun bagitau la kena ikut sini dan sini. Got it and the journey continue. Betul pulak direction pakcik tu. Jumpa jugak. The place is actually at the really end side of Shah Alam. Dekat dengan Ara Damansara. Dekat dengan Subang jugak. Dekat dengan rumah Azril rupanya, jugak. And the place is like a private area. Landmark ka situ ade banyak condo, ade hotel Sri KL. Memang tak jumpa la kalau tak tanye pakcik tu. Dapat jugak hantar printer. The Canon people said in 3 working days time the Canon people will call me and let me know the quotation and if I agree then only they will start repairing. If not, I can comeback collect the printer and I have to pay the minimum charge of RM30. o.o

Smalam penat gile. Lepas makan balik rumah. Mak dan Ayah tgh tgk Diari AF. Oh, AF last this week. Takpe, layan skali jap. Tak tahan, penat gile. Around pukul 10 dah tido. Hee. Weekend ni nak guna untuk qada' balik tido2 yang x cukup ari tu :p

P/s: Happy Teachers' Day to all teachers around the world, especially teachers of St. John's Institution xD

till then ;D

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hah..Just the time..ugh!

Finally my MUET exam is over. Dont have to think about it anymore just wait for the result phew. This morning I went to SMK Wangsa Melawati to take the final test of MUET, the ultimate speaking test. I've been grouped with Zahir and 2 other candidates which 1 is a working guy and another 1 is a girl that is right now working and studying. The title that has been given, as far as i can remember : Beneficial of working overseas. The test was not bad, the best part is in task B, we were not like gado2 bantai that candidate or what but we were actually supported each other's ideas and suggestions. And there's a part when our discussion was 'lari dari tajuk' abit by agreeing that working in our own country right now is better hee..but we somehow managed to turn ourselves back to the actual topic. Haha.

Hah this Friday I have to go to UiTM Shah Alam for my practical presentation but Ihave problem right now: my printer rosak!!! I'm using pixma mp145. It seems that something wrong with the roller which feed the paper coz dia xleh tarik paper masuk dlm printer tu. WARGHH aku nak print report praktikel wohh nak submit Jumaat ni!! Banyak pulak la kan nak kene print. Siot ah..the printer is showing E 2 3. Check kat google it says "paper feed error". Shiat. Hari tu pergi kedai canon dia cakap kena hantar dekat dia punya HQ, kat Shah Alam, kalau hantar kat branch2 biasa kena extra charge plus makan masa lama, dalam sebulan. Shiat again. Where and when the hell I'm going to find the store lar. Keje kowt and I area Shah Alam ni bukannye reti! Plus the presentation is on this Friday oh, mane sempat nak hantar repair! Ugh. Nevermind will figure about the print later. But does anyone know where the hell this place is? Please2 help! Thanks! hee:

Canon Marketing ( M) Sdn Bhd
Block D, Peremba Square
Saujana Resort
40150 Shan Alam

Maybe I'll send my printer to this place this Friday after the presentation.

Oh and to my fellow UiTM friends, see ya this Friday!

Till then ;D

Monday, May 11, 2009

Discovering the 'La-la-Land'


Aha. It's almost 6 years I've been living at Melawati, specifically near zoo area, but know what, I just found out that there is a waterfall near my area! Believe it or not! Haha!

Meet Air Terjun Kemensah. Located at Kemensah Hulu, where you can reach here by just following the same road as you want to go to zoo, but when you reach zoo, which is on your left, just keep driving and make sure you dont turn left or right when you find any junction, and there! Haha.

Yesterday, me and kay went to KTM KL to pick up kay's motorcycle, where he posted it from Ipoh last week and then sent it back to his house. Then we dont know what to do on that day, came up the idea of go seaching for the waterfall which kay heard that there's a waterfall near our house area. So..we then go searching2, try jalan ni tp eh salah jalan then patah balik then try jalan lain pulak, at last yeah we found a sign showing "air terjun dan tempat memancing, gerenti dapat ikan!" Hah! we're almost there! Haha. Then sampai ke destinasi. Jumpa juga. We then go take pictures2..Haa the place is nice, there's even a chalet there. And can also join a paintball game. It's a fun place to go though. But it preferably not to go there by a big2 car, coz the road is so narrow just 1 car can fit the road and if 2 kereta bertembung then there will be a bit problem. Hee.

Today is mother's day. I dont know what to buy for my mom, puas mencari kt klcc tu haha. So i beli je la aunty anne's spretzel for my mom and dad. Happy diorang, especially my mom. You see, it's not the gift or present that matter to them but it's how you show your appreciation to them, your love to them and you remember them. That are things that matters.

As i'm typing this blog, Arsenal is losing to Chelsea by 3-0. Bodo punye arsenal, pegi turunkan keeper lopek fabianski tu buat pe. Haih sakit ati je tgk match tu..-.-

Oh, for the photographers out there, read this! This is the advertisement I grabbed from KLUE magazine:


Whether you're armed with an SLR, digital camera, camera phone or a pinhole camera, we want your pictures of Kuala Lumpur. We are compiling a gallery online called 24 Hour KL. If your photos get chosen, we'll feature your work as part of exhibition at URBANSCAPES 2009 and give you complementary passes to attend. Upload it at sites.klue.com.my/24hourkl


I'll be taking my MUET speaking test this Tuesday and Practical Presentation on Friday at UiTM Shah Alam. Grr..wish me all the best!

Till then ;D

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

UiTM Perak Homecoming & AIM16

It's 7.50pm and i'm still at the office! Dahhh. hahaha. It's not that i x suka balik rumah or what. It's just..i am used to it since my school time. Abis skolah dulu 1.45pm tp balik around 5pm almost everyday. Buat ape? Kat mane? I was a president of this editorial board at school name Garudamas and there was my favourite place to be everyday after school. Buat keje oh :D haha xpun pegi dating. Cheh, cerita lamaaa...

Last week on Wednesday me and couple of friends went to our beloved UiTM Perak, to enjoy ourselves after 4months doing our practical training, to visit our beloved friends there and to watch the fellow friends doing their practical presentation. Haa bila sampai je UiTM memang rasa gumbira sangat. Jumpa kawan2 lagi. Perasaan yang sungguh x dapat dibayangkan. Haha best oh. Bila lagi nak pegi uitm perak tu. Sampai2 rehat jap + makan then keluar pegi fakulti kitorang FSKM (formerly known as FTMSK). Lepas tu gerak gi Fakulti AD, ada student fest. Malam keluar dengan rakan2 lepak ipoh. Haha ipoh tak berubah sangat. Cuma kali ni kalau pergi jusco ipoh parking dah x free dah!!! Ipoh parade parking dulu RM1 skarang RM1.50!!! Cuci kereta dulu rm3 skarang rm4!!! Haha. Ape ni, semua naik. Dah r menteri besar ade 2! Hahaha...Tengok wayang, si koo-choo-koo-koo wolverin. Tiket wayang x naik pulak kan. hahaha. best2. Pastu gerak pergi kedai mamak vengae tengok bola. Man Utd v Arsenal. kalah pulak arsenal kan 1-0. adoi..

Esok pi tgk bebudak present. Woh lecturer perak......garang siot!!!! Tanye soalan macam2. Pressure bebudak praktikel oh. Kalah lecturer shah alam. Ade la 2-3 orang yang kena redo system. Pe ni, consider la sikit..hehehe :p Petang pegi ipoh lagi teman Kay dan Bob hantar motor kt KTM. Malam tgk wolverine lagi, tp dgn miss Kliza dan Lan. Penat oh..dalam wayang time jumpa gambit boleh tertido pulak...ngeh..Jumpa fieda!!

Jumaat x byk aktiviti. Tgh hari pergi solat Jumaat pastu qada tido sampai petang pastu main bola. Malam lepak downtown..usha cewek2 uitm heee...:p Sabtu gue gerak balik kl pagi sebab petang tu kena keje kat AIM16.

From that homecoming i can say that there's not much change in uitm. Bangunan, landskap semua sama. Lecturer ade la berubah sket. Miss Aizura and pn ana salwa dah pindah. Students pun ade gak perubahan. Esah part 4 is now 1 of the MPP people, couple dgn fatin. Azfar dan Ecah.
Ade la lagi..hahaha.

Here are some pictures from the silver campus:

baru tiba..baru makan..baru abis exam..

roomate dan roomate

ala2 arshavin..hee

AIM16. Kemuncak segala-galanya. Haha this time around i've been incharge to be a photographer for gua.com.my! I've been assigned for it with 3 other pro photographer. And my job is not just to be a photographer, but also a runner to get each everyone of the other 3 photographers' card during every commercial break. Tired, but fun. I really enjoyed it. And what makes me feel happier is that some of my photo were actually get chosen to be published on gua.com.my website. hee. walaupun pakai kit lense je..hehe :p Hope will be able to add equipments for my camera real soon, and hope they will call me to be a photography for other event too!

Photography is fun but my priority is still on my computer science skills. Still working on my ads System. It's getting tougher and tougher though. Kali ni kitorang kena main dengan oracle database, to compare the existing ads that available in new media's database with the one that belongs to the database that is always been updated with new and new ads. The reason is to recognise that new ads so people from new media know which are new ads and which are not. So..yang mempayahkan kitorang ialah nak cari camne nak buat process2 trigger and scheduler and procedure kat database tu. So far dah try kat google but still blum dapat. Nevermind, will try working on it tomorrow. Haih.

Tak berapa sihat. Sakit tekak, demam sket, batuk2 and selsema sket. Tapi main bola gak tadi. heee :p

till then ;D