Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ads System

I'm a busyman during working hour at the mo.

Webcast streaming for Hotfm, Flyfm and Onefm has been delayed from time to time due to the unstable of the streaming. Supposed to be up last week though. So the mangsa is the IT team and some Radio Network people (specifically me, Elisa and Alex, but me is busier!). Right now streaming for both Flyfm and Onefm are running ok. The big problem is now Hotfm. At the moment the audio of the streaming is bad oh. Macam ade bunyi noise yang sungguh mengacau jiwa. Dont know where the sound came from. Haih tensen2..

Anyway, I'm so heppy. I managed to develop a system that is going to be used in Alt Media Department, Media Prima Berhad. Haa. First time using Microsoft Visual C# and WPF Applications (bende yg ade kt dalam Microsoft VIsual C# tu) took me 3 months to adapt with it. WPF Applications is so fun, using XAML as language it makes you easier to build a nice, no, wonderful interface for your system. Kalau korang boleh buat animation semua tu lagi style. The system is called Ads Summary System. Dia akan display list of Advertisements (Ads) bagi setiap show yang ditayangkan di televisyen anda mengikut saluran dan tarikh yang dipilih oleh pengguna(user). From what I know this system is important for Alt Media as it ease the work of the transcoder team coz the system actually sort out the ads according to its show before displaying the summary. Sebelum ni diorang kena sort sendiri. Here's some screenshot:

Other than logo tv3,7,8,9 semua interface tu design via coding @ XAML. Caya x? Haha. I gained lots of benefit during the process of developing this system:

  • wpf
  • c#
  • xaml
  • oracle database
  • creating procedure in database
  • creating jobs in database
  • schedule jobs in database
  • expression blend!

The system is still under testing, and yet to be demo-ed to boss mr.Rezwan. And still in the process of mencantikkan the system, as I baru nak mengexplore Expression Blend. Boss cakap kalau boleh nak ade yang terbang2 o.o

Currently waiting for the result of my degree application. I'm applying for:
1. Information System Engineering
2. Data Communications and Networking
3. Computer Science
4. Net Centric
And tak kisahla dapat yg maner pun.

Till then ;D

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