Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hah..Just the time..ugh!

Finally my MUET exam is over. Dont have to think about it anymore just wait for the result phew. This morning I went to SMK Wangsa Melawati to take the final test of MUET, the ultimate speaking test. I've been grouped with Zahir and 2 other candidates which 1 is a working guy and another 1 is a girl that is right now working and studying. The title that has been given, as far as i can remember : Beneficial of working overseas. The test was not bad, the best part is in task B, we were not like gado2 bantai that candidate or what but we were actually supported each other's ideas and suggestions. And there's a part when our discussion was 'lari dari tajuk' abit by agreeing that working in our own country right now is better hee..but we somehow managed to turn ourselves back to the actual topic. Haha.

Hah this Friday I have to go to UiTM Shah Alam for my practical presentation but Ihave problem right now: my printer rosak!!! I'm using pixma mp145. It seems that something wrong with the roller which feed the paper coz dia xleh tarik paper masuk dlm printer tu. WARGHH aku nak print report praktikel wohh nak submit Jumaat ni!! Banyak pulak la kan nak kene print. Siot ah..the printer is showing E 2 3. Check kat google it says "paper feed error". Shiat. Hari tu pergi kedai canon dia cakap kena hantar dekat dia punya HQ, kat Shah Alam, kalau hantar kat branch2 biasa kena extra charge plus makan masa lama, dalam sebulan. Shiat again. Where and when the hell I'm going to find the store lar. Keje kowt and I area Shah Alam ni bukannye reti! Plus the presentation is on this Friday oh, mane sempat nak hantar repair! Ugh. Nevermind will figure about the print later. But does anyone know where the hell this place is? Please2 help! Thanks! hee:

Canon Marketing ( M) Sdn Bhd
Block D, Peremba Square
Saujana Resort
40150 Shan Alam

Maybe I'll send my printer to this place this Friday after the presentation.

Oh and to my fellow UiTM friends, see ya this Friday!

Till then ;D


Anonymous said...

40150...yang tu dekat dengan kayangan heights. Thats all i know. Try asking your shah alam friends beb. - shairil

Amar Syafiq said...

..where the hell is kayangan heights???? teman i gi cari tempat tu jom XD

Anonymous said...

dekat area subang actually... hmm kat website canon ader map dia... u surely find tht place... 1st time g pon mcm kat mana plak tempat ni kan.. saujana resort?? pastu tgk map.. senanglah... gud luck!!

p/s: penah antar printer kat sana gak dulu.. pastu repair nyer cost very expensive.. smp org tu suggest suh beli printer br jer.. pastu ask them what they can gv me... dorang akan jual printer d latest version which d price is more valuable dr yg tengah jual kat market.. n price dia pon lg murah drpd repair printer yg rosak tu.. tp dia akan amik printer lama tulah untuk recycle... tu pon klau kita nak bglah... so tu benefit hantar direct kat tmpt ni...-senior

Amar Syafiq said...


aisey tau x printer tu baru beli oh..rosak plak kan haih..:(
thanks senior! saper kamu oh? haha esok maybe try pegi cari tempat tu ;D

MoY.Axili said...

weh byk songgeh la ubat jerawat, itu buat dekat rumah pun boleh, guna colgate! Im workin on haruan fish. basically for conservation and medical purpose. all the best fo yo presentation, although this may come in late!

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