Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Semester in Review

Figure 1.1 What is your future plan?

Tamatlah sudah kuliah untuk semester ini. Ini juga berkmana tamatlah sudah pengajianku 1 semester di tempat baru ini. Macam biasalah habis kuliah siap sedia untuk final pula. Harap jangan jadi macam biasa sem2 sebelum ni di diploma selalau buat final revision and preparation at the very last minute! nyesal x berguno nnt -.-

Well, my first experience of degree and Shah Alam was not bad after all. New surrounding, new level of studies, and also new friends. During diploma I was quite active with uni's activities and such such things but not in Shah Alam, I am reserved with those most of the time. Malas lah, rasa macam inilah masanya untuk daku study dengan tenang..cheh tenang ke?

Degree is obviously different from diploma. You are 3 times busy, presentations and presentations, assignments and assignments, due dates and due dates. It's like almost everyweek you will be equiped with new assignments and there will be one time where you will have tasks waiting for you to every single day of the week. Hari ni bereskan kerja ni, esok bereskan kerja tu pulak dan seterusnya. Best kan? Haha but like what one of my lecturer said to us "ini lah baru student life. Mencabar. Bila lagi nak merasa macam ni?" Adalah sampai rasa nak tukar course awal-awal sem dulu tapi lama-lama rasa seronok pula dengan course ni. Hopefully I will do fine this upcoming exam and get good results. Enough playing Amar, wake up heh

Enough blogging, study time. Selamat berujian.

Till then ;)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nightmare Week

Har Har this week will be the last week of lecture before exam. This week. Jadual minggu ni dah disusun baek punya. Kaw kaw punya busy. Check this out

Isnin 19/10
ITS470: Submit 27 Sequence Diagrams, ORDM
ITS410: Submit e-catering project report
French : Submit project video, listening test
Convo : Pick up jubah, attend rehearsal
ENT600 : Test

Selasa 20/10
ITS473 : CMMI visit to Skali Sdn Bhd

Rabu 21/10

Khamis 22/10
CTU553 : Test 2

Jumaat 23/10
ENT600 : Submit project report
Bel492 : 2nd Presentation

Har Har mcm gampang. Nightmare seyh. Yang penting esok paling kaw-kaw punya busy. Malam ni memang tak tidur lah. Settle semua benda ni memang adalah suatu kelegaan bagiku.

till then ;D

Monday, October 12, 2009

We Were Warned

Updated 10 October 2009

My exam timetable will be like this:
  1. 01/11/09, 0900-1100 : CTU553 HUBUNGAN ETNIK
  2. 04/11/09, 1415-1715 : ENT600 TECHNOPRENEURSHIP
  3. 09/11/09, 1415-1715 : ITS473 SOFTWARE IMPROVEMENT
  4. 11/11/09, 1415-1615 : ITS410 FUNDAMENTAL OF IS
  5. 14/11/09, 0900-1200 : ITS470 OBJECT ORIENTED REQ ANALYSIS
more info please visit this website:

All the best to all students for the upcoming exams! babila

till then

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sometimes its just sucks

It's raining this morning and me and my fellow housemates have decided to go to class by car. So we went. ITS410 class finished and next class, CTU553 and the class is at Cempaka sana. Parking yang amat susah. We went to check for the nearest parking available but there wasnt so pe lagi ponteng la. Haha

Sometimes UiTM are just sucks. Why in the hell that they are doing this bloody Program Pembangunan Pelajar module on this weekend? Its a 2 day module and it is compulsory to attend. Cant you see it's still in the month of raya and everybody is in the mood of raya. Open house here and there. I myself have around 4 open house invitations this weekend and heck i do want to go. It's just sucks. The module is taken place at UiTM (at the faculty i think), from 8am - 6pm but I really hope that it will finish early. Darn.

Enough with the module. Yesterday me and few housemates went to Media Prima for an interview with the IT boss, En.Shahrul regarding the Software Improvement methodology that is being used at that organization. Its for our assignments though. Well, its always good to be back at company that you have once work before. All of the IT staffs geets us well, still remember us and still can 'lawak2' with us. It's like you never leave. I miss those moments working there. No assignments, no stay up in the middle of night doing projects, no carry marks, no test, no final. No, no and no. Get payment! haha :p

Interview Session with En.Shahrul

Manager En.Shahrul explains to us about current IT project running at the company

With Old Folks Ameen

With IT Operation Manager Mr.Said

Gambar Wajib

Ni pun nak kena ada ke

Visit-visit pun sempat ke kelas :p

Last but not least, my convocation will be held on 21/10/09 (Wednesday) at Dewan Sri Budiman, UiTM Shah Alam at 12 noon. I'm no.385. Come2, hee :p

till then ;)