Monday, May 24, 2010

aktiviti cuti sem

Konvokesyen diorang dah selesai. Diorang dah balik. Gambar dah amek. Upah tak dibayar (sedih). Sekarang yang tinggal cuma mereka yang amek shortcourse je. Amar Felmi Shafiq Farid. takpelah, yang penting sekarang bilik tu buat masa ni hakmilik aku sorang. muahaha.

gambar-gambar konvo

Istiadat Konvokesyen ke-72 22 Mei 2010 Sidang ke-4 Diploma Sains Komputer

rakan - rakan uitm perak

nabil dan si kekasih

walaupun 3 orang je, tapi okla..

si fotographer..haha

shortcourse. subjek eco415 (economics) ni menarik juga. tak tahu la mungkin sebab aku amek subjek ni time shortcourse so fokus kat subjek ni je kot. mungkin sebab tu dia menarik. tapi dia memang menarik. micro & macroeconomics scarcity equilibrium elastic apa lagi semua tu. best2. hopefully A+++++ haha. poyo

world cup : 18 hari lagi x)))

demam world cup:

3 minutes of future by NIKE

till then :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

at last, cuti

finally, the semester is done and i can now relax and enjoy this semester break..for awhile. gah i'll be doing shortcourse and it starts next week ><

my exams actually already finished on the 3rd, which was last week but we have been forced to stay at shah alam to finish our last 2 major project of this semester, which are the database and also object-oriented (system) project. we have been forced to sacrifice our sleeping time at night, minimize our sleeping time and plus, sacrifice ourselves from watching football match, which was the last game of the season. darn it. but it was all worth it as both our presentation went well, not awesome, but well. alhamdulillah now, break for awhile and do my shortcourse, some people call it short semester.

at first i was reluctant to go for it as i feel like lazy to do, plus its holiday i want to enjoy myself, relax myself free myself from all things that related to my very-the-hectic course i want to berkeluarga, err i mean spend time with my family and also go chilling out with friends. But during the middle of this semester, we were told to prepare ourselves for our final year project (fyp) proposal and thus, we must find a lecturer as our supervisor and also a project title that we are going to develop. so then i was thinking, it'll be good if i do my shortcourse so that it'll be easy for me to prepare and do my fyp proposal, probably as early as possible as i'll be in shah alam so any appointment i made with my supervisor will be easy to attend. plus i only have to attend 1 class a day, 9am-11.30am monday - thursday for 5 weeks so i guess it was not so bad after all.

anyway, shortcourse is a next week story. do not spoil the holiday mode yawh! ^^ its good to be back yawh. home sweet home. no more sharing internet access, hello television, hello astro hd woot woot world cup will be on hd yawh! cheh riak plak hehe :p oh and referring to this site it is said that tgv at wangsa walk mall has already open. wow, i'll be looking fward for it ;)

till then ;)