Monday, May 18, 2009

Canonia & Honey

SMS from Canon:
Your A.I.O. PRINTER; repaired & ready for collection; no charge; do not reply this message. TQ.

Haa..what a relief. But I think there will still be a charge of rm30 like the canon people told me the other day. Hah nevermind asalkan boleh print. Thinking of creating a photobook..

My laptop has been so bengong for the past few weeks. Dia jadi slow giler eventhough I dah tambah RAM so I've decided to repair the OS then. But unfortunately after it has done repairing I was unable to connect my laptop to my streamyx. You know, when you want to set up the connection manually you have to do the set up in Network Connection. Click 'create a new connection' > 'connect to the Internet' > 'set up the connection manually'. Once I ticked those buttons I have to tick the options 'use connection that requires user name and password' but the option is grayed. These has forced me to reformat my laptop yesterday but it is still the same. Until now I am unable to find the solution, neither the IT staffs here. Haih susah oh xleh online kat sini. Kongkes.

Woot. Pagi tadi streaming down so me and Elisa pegi check on all radio streamings in the building. Time tgh check and reconfigure streaming for fly, time tu Hunny Madu punya shift. The streaming pc is actually just beside the announcer's table inside the conty. Tetiba Hunny tego "hey, what up!". Haha I pun balas biasa je. Then moments later I can hear that she was talking to herself. Then tetibe dia tersedar i ade kat situ. Dia pun cakap "oh sorry eh i kekadang suke cakap sorang2". Haha :p suddenly I got keberanian untuk berborak dgn dia n i pun tanye, "hunny, got extra Terminator ticket ah? I want lar..". She replied, "Oh, I can give you, but you have to SMS me first. Seriously, SMS to flyfm and then I will call you and walah!". I was like what the...malu lah! Nanti suara keluar national radio :p I told her that but she said "haha..that one i cannot help". She kept telling me to SMS tapi I masih malu dan menolak. Lepas tu dia cakap xpe esok ade lagi. Haha malu lah! Tapi tadi lepas keluar conti menyesal pulak tolak. At least try je la kan hee. Xpe la. Anyway Hunny is really friendly and gile2 minded and it was fun talking to her, even for awhile. Oh, not to forget, It was fun talking on the phone with someone last week too ;D

Kongkes punye laptop. Nak buat keje pun susa. Kat rumah nak online kena guna pc. *^%&$*^%&$*(*&^&*(!

Till then ;D

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