Sunday, June 14, 2009

Minggu Akhir

It's going to be my last week at Media Prima Berhad next week. Wah later can cuti-cuti, I have 2 weeks to relax before going back to uni. Wow, it's been six months I've been working there already.

Last week has been pretty busy, especially with the webcast streamings and also the ads system. Fly FM's webcast is the worst. Everyday down. I went to the Fly FM studio almost everyday just because of that bloody streaming. And as usual I went there during either Hunny Madu or Steve show. Diorang sampai dah kenal muke gue ni. Hehe. Bukannya apa, the studio is kinda small and if I come during other show there will be 2 or more announcer at that time oh. So that explain it rite? hehe. Because of this streaming I think most of announcers know me already. And I believe since they dont know my name so they will surely label me as 'Streaming Man', or 'Abang Streaming'. Cheh, whatever. I'm just doing my job there.

Back to the streaming, I think the reason of the unstable of the streaming is because of the webcam cable. The cable is previously placed in front of the announcer table so they tend to 'terlanggar' it everytime they walk pass it. Fortunately on Wednesday I went there during Steve's time. Steve is one of people that concerned about the streaming status. He told me that the streaming is not working. We talked for awhile and at last, thanks to him we came up with idea of placing that camera at the right side of the studio. At this position no one is going to 'langgar' the cable. It's safer there. That's true man. From that time until now there is no more problem with the streaming. Thanks man! Yesterday went to office, migrated those streaming from using windows media encoder to flash media encoder. So far the flash encoder streams better than the windows, it's buffer time is faster and no problem so far! Stay that way babes! Managed to take some picture of the kepoyo-an and keperasanan. lol :p

About my Ads System, me and Ameen have already present the system to Alt Media Manager, Marina and some of the transcoder. They were satisfied with the system as it really helps them. No more going to BMG/AMG/Engineering department to get that bloody Ads List. Nevertheless, there are still few other requirements about the system added by them. Ha..that one have to pass to Amin lah, gue nak berambus dah next week :p So the system is now officially
being used at Alt Media Sdn Bhd. Yeh! lol :p

My trainee friends from polytechs already finished their internship last friday. Most of them are from engineering department. Such good friends I have there. There are all hardworking and helpful type of people oh. Rajin sungguh, kalah staff oh. On Friday all of us went futsal as the last time playing futsal together-gether (sebagai intern la :p)

Alhamdulillah. I have successfully completed my diploma. Result came up last Thursday and I have passed my practical training. Practical training takde GPA, so CGPA remains the same, except dia tampal course yang pernah fail dulu. Syukran2. Tinggal result MUET and degree application je. Hopefully dapat kat Shah Alam. After confirm dapat kat Shah Alam then only will go search for rumah sewa. Seksyen 7 most likely, as most of my housemate-gonna be prefers that area.

Till then ;D


hanin said...

cool.. gud luck to u! huhu

da betolkan da typo error tuh.. ok AMAR. hahaa

Amar Syafiq said...

hahahaha..orait haninbookshoks(the senior) hehe

Sue said...

mcm bes je tmpt praktikal kamu tuuuu..~ zhelouz, zhelouuuuz..

if possible, jgn duk kat umah sewa kat pusat komersil tu. :p gi cari yg kat blkg2 sket. tu pon kalo nak dpt coverage internet yg best! ;)

congrats & all the best!

Amar Syafiq said...

mmg best sue! hehe

yeke? nape eh? parking susa ke?
mmg area situ ade wifi eh?
wah best gile! :D

Sue said...

em kalo nak cari rumah sewa kat ss7, try cari yg kat bahagian ss7 lama. coz kat tmpt yg baru tu (yg btul2 kat gate blkg uitm), fixed line internet provider bukan streamyx - ntah ape nama dia. tp xbagus la. dia dpt tender kat tmpt tu, so streamyx xleh masuk. pastu kalo guna P1 wimax, korg nati kena "battle" dptkan line kat citu. sbb ramai pakai P1 kat situ. tu je yg boleh harap. tp x memuaskan lgsung! seyes.. x tipuu~ budak network leh la explain pasal fenomena ni. tp kalo guna P1 kat tmpt len ok la - tmpt yg x ramai sgt org yg pakai P1 tu. SS7 ramai student & diorg sgt sgt desperate nk wat keje (+ social networking + games + etc)...

kalo duk kat area rumah teres dua tingkat ke, area flat pkns tu ke, ok la internet dia. tanye senior2 laki. diorg ramai duk situ..

(apesal la sy ni byk membebel?)

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