Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's new so far

Hi everyone,

I am currently busy with my Final Year Project (FYP), which is due on 20/4/11 for the report and 11/5/11 for the exhibition. Damm scared weyh. grrr.

Anyway, after this semester over i will have 4 months of semester break. Yeah, i still got 1 semester to go to complete my bachelor degree. So, 4 months eh? Many things can I do during this time. well, i've got 1 already. Very useful, for the future indeed. Plus, its free! hehe. Here it is:

Offered. Accepted

Its a certified professional program by Microsoft, offered by prestariang and they are sponsoring us and its totally free! So dont bugger me during this period of time! hehe :p

So there goes my May and June Break. What about the other 2 months? We'll wait and see..

till then! ;)

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