Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To whom it may concern

To whom it may concern.

if anyone berminat bleh contact ariessa ..

Software Engineer
The Exact Asia Development Center (Exact ADC) is the international development center of Exact, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of business software applications. With our software development approach we have become a market leader with a strong international presence and users in over 125 countries. Our software is developed using the .NET platform (C++, C#, .NET, VB6, VB.NET and JavaScript), and Scrum methodology.

Your job responsibilities as our software engineer
•Design, code and test business software applications
•Program both new solutions and new functionality in existing solutions, based on business needs, and using detailed functional designs
•Maintain and troubleshoot applications by monitoring, identifying and correcting software defects
•Investigate and solve software bugs in medium to complex business software applications and reports
•Take ownership for the quality of all software targets and codes assigned
•Work in small, multidisciplinary international teams

What qualifications make you our ideal software engineer?
•Bachelor's degree, post graduate diploma or professional degree in computer science/information technology
•Experience in the ERP domain (preferred)
•Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
•Effective verbal and written communication skills in English
•Malaysian citizenship or relevant residence status

-Korg, try la apply job ni if interested...Dorg ade byk kekosongan...Klu korg nk email resume, attach kan latest transkrip degree ngan diploma =)

- Ariessa (My senior from UiTM).
oh, tu je kot. takdo po laie eden nk ckp ni haa. haha!

till then ;p

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