Thursday, December 10, 2009

Annoying thing that can mess us up

Today is the day that examination result for Uitm student came out. But as usual, there is a problem accessing the page. Oh, too many student accessing the page at the same time! Wattaheck!

Sometimes I hate most everything regarding to online thingy with uitm. Uitm is kind of suck when handling things that needs its student to use their bloody web page, especially when it is the day that the result came out, and also the day that we student need to register our course online. That will be the most annoying time. A disaster for all uitm student.

6.00pm I managed to check my result, but now???

Why did I say that? Well, first of all, the traffic on that time is damm heavy that everybody is trying to access the page at the same time, later making that page is unavailable to access. It is still acceptable if that happen when you whan to check your result, because you can always wait for the page to be available again, rite? But when it comes to time that you need to register your course, that's when the anger come out. WE WANT TO REGISTER OUR COURSE IN THE GROUP THAT WE WANT, WE DESIRE! and we need to do it quickly before other people do that first! Damm it.

Why things like this happened? Well, obviously because there are too many students UiTM have right now, approximately around 100 thousands in total. They even want to increase the number you know. By 2020 they want the total of 200,000 students studying there. That doesnt really matter by the way. For me, they can increase whatever number of student they want as long as they know how to handle it properly. We as their student, we dont want a too pack campus, too pack lecture room and too many people accessing their webpage at the same time. They managed to build new campuses, that's good. But what about the webpage? That's the problem they have to think and take it seriously. It's about quality, not quantity y'all. Think again ;)

till then ;D


Arief Arf said...

standard la.
time keluar result ke nak register ke,
mesti cam haram..
traffic tinggi sangat kot..
kalau letak nuffnang tu konfem kaya dah..


anisizatyA.J said...

hey, hope ure results came out great! thanks for linking my blog :) i'll link you back

hans said...

biasalah tu....
ko kalau result uitm keluar ari nih...
pukul 4 ko kena ready dah depan pc...
login siap2 student portal tu
tunggu je orang kata result dah keluar terus masukan no ic dgn kad matrik...
confirm dapat tahu terus
ko uitm mana yer?

Amar Syafiq said...

arf: hahaha tau xpe

anisizatyA.J: no problem! btw my results aint really great but ok lar. thanks! :)

hans: haha yeke. 2-3 tahun lg xtau la cane plak portal tu. student makin ramai. uitm shah alam. ko uitm gak ke bro?

Anonymous said...

kau je lah ganti si misai tu.. hehe

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