Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Experiencing Bazaar Ramadhan

Ramadhan Ramadhan. For the past three years I've been experiencing Ramadhan in Perak. Different culture, differrent environment, different food and also different food price compared to what I normally faced for the previous-previous Ramadhan. Daym! I miss the great taste of chi-cheung fun (hope i spell it correctly ><) in Ipoh! Sedap giler! Ada la 1 kedai tu ntah pe nama dia. Hee. But hey, it's Shah Alam story now. I dont know about anybody else but i think throughout this whole fasting month i want to go to every bazaar ramadan at Shah Alam. Hehe. Bukan apa, kenalah merasa semua tempat. Different bazaar must have its own specialty right? Mana tau kat sini special dia kuih ni and kat sana special dia mee ni and so and so. Puasa kan sebulan, so lets treasure this fasting month with lots and lots of..eating o.o So far i have went to 2 bazaar. Seksyen 13 (or better known as the stadium) and Seksyen 7.
  • Seksyen 13 bazaar is big and have tons of variety, tapi masalah dia jauh sket dan nak balik kena tempuh jam -.-
  • Seksyen 7 bazaar is small and packed and crowded but its nearer to my place and its already good enough bazaar for me (tapi semalam cari taufufah tak jumpa
And look what i've found:

gambar penghias blog

So far i've heard that bazaar at Seksyen 3 is also nice place to go. Seksyen 17 is not bad too. Nak best lagi pi buka pose kat masjid negeri. Makan free oh xpp Ada lagi tempat best? Wah kena buat wishlist ni hehe :p

That's all for now. Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa to all :))

till then ;D


Faziera said...

its chee chong fun actually..huhu
fyi, chee chong fun kat ipoh parade pun not bad..slurrpppp..try la nanti..heee =p

Amar Syafiq said...

owh2..hehe thanks faziera :)
yeke..ntah bile la pegi ipoh lagi hehehe :p
yg amr ckp sedap tu dkt2 ngan stadium - jusco. ape ntah name taman tu

Nur Mariaminul Amalina said...

lalan da bt bisnes popia skang ni?

nk order.

{lumut} said...

jeles tuh dapat g bazarr...
puas aku cri bazar kat sini..x jumpe2..

Amar Syafiq said...

ama: haha gi order kat dia. pakcik kayo
{lumut} : ish..rugi2. bazaar kat lumut xde ke hee

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