Friday, April 17, 2009

Filling Up the Free

On Tuesday, 14/04/09 Me and Ameen was having discussion about our Ads project when our boss En.Rezwan came to us. He asked us about the project's progress, then he kinda asked me to stay here for 2 months before continuing my studies. Wow, that's what I've been dreaming for the past couple of month and hell yeah why not? contracted staff.


The Long awaited lecturer from UiTM Shah Alam finally came to our office yesterday. Prof Madya Rashidah Mohd Rawi. Me and the rest of the staffs was happily having breakfast when I received a call from her around 9.50am telling me that she has arrived and is at the lobby. Urgh, kena pause my breakfast, nasib baik beli sandwich je. Then me and Zahir brought her to the office and meet all the staffs and the heads. Then she went into the head room with our supervisors En.Shahrul and En.Anual to discuss about our internship progress and how are us doing so far..ha..ha..

About an hour of talking then our supervisors came out from the room and its our turn to have a talk with the lecturer. Me, Zahir, Bella and Intan went in. She told us that overall our progress so far is very good, we are good workers, good capability but there's 1 thing that we need to brush ourselves: character. She said our supervisors told her that we was not really being friendly to other staffs, not being really confident about doing things or making up decision and so on. That we must brush up. Aisey.

After done talking about the intership progress, she asked us "what are you guys going to do after the this training?" We told her that we're going to stay working in here for two months, before futhering our study to degree. She said that's very good. Gaining work experience is very important and gives you more opportunity to be hired in the future. She also said that student that already have a working experience will experience the 'perubahan' in the way they think and study in the future. This kind of student will be better than student that has no working experience. "These kind of student, they know how to manage themselves, know how to face and handle situation, capable to do works/assignments efficiently, and more! That is because they know how the working life is, how the system of work is, and they have experience how to get the job/task done. So go for it!" So yeah, we're going for it! in fact, I will be able to learn more about the c# language and use it here. I'm starting to like this language yaw ;D

So that's the story. I'm going to fill my cuti sem with gaining more from this company. Best oh keje sini. Broadcasting company la kan. Ade artis plak tu haha :p but I feel pity for our friend Intan coz she's not going to extend her service here due to transportation problem. Haih. So just 3 of us.

Yesterday went to Aquaria..for free. Hee. Under TV3. Best2 tgk ikan and all hidupan lauts there. And went to the aquazone for the fish therapy. My legs was being nibbled by those 'doctor fish'. Haa geli-geli. Then got makan free. Sedap2. :D

Tomorrow my mom and few aunties going to Bandung. Have to wake up early to hantar them. Tomorrow also got SJI Family Day. Meet my old fellow there.
Tomorrow also Arsenal v Chelsea FA Cup Semi Final. Cheers for the Gooners!

Till Then ;D


Anonymous said...

cikedis? haha jajan yg best. kita dah link kamu. guess who >p

Amar Syafiq said...

haha i think i know you wahai cik jajan ;)

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