Friday, April 24, 2009

Exhausting Week

Hah! I can say that this week is the most exhausting week after 1 whole week of futsal every evening. Penat seyh siang pening2 dgn programming petang futsal. Plus last week my mom went to Bandung and dad went to Singapore so I've been added an extra workload fetching them. Tapi best dapat banyak baju dan seluar dan kasut! xD

Today, 24 April 2009 is the last day of practical of most CS110 UiTM student. But some student (including me) have decided to stay. Extend the service. Ye la, fikir balik 2 bulan cuti tak buat ape2. Baik diisikan dengan aktiviti yang berguna. Lagipun gue ni belum ade awek untuk menemani gue cuti-cuti ni. haa :p

Tomorrow going to SMK Wangsa Melawati. Seating for MUET exam! Wahh takut2. Haha. Writing, Listening and Reading Test. The Speaking test will be on 12 May. Wish me luck!

Aziliana's blog nampak sungguh menarik. jeles oh -.-

ok that's all for now. Nak balek. xde orang kt ofis dah ><

till then!

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