Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hello Shah Alam, Hello UiTM

Been busy for the past 2 weeks since I quit TV3. Terasa sempit giler! But hey, I'm almost there. Register for my degree and I'm done.

But not been busy all the time eh. Last week me and family went to Melaka, for cuti-cuti though. It was nice. As far as I remember last time I went there was on 2005 where me and the drama team of my school went there to compete for the interschool drama competition zone B levels. Our school was a representative of Kuala Lumpur, competed with other schools each from Selangor, Nogoghi and Melaka. The competition ended up with victory for Alam Shah from Selangor. We were 2nd. But it was fun! Oh ok back to the cuti-cuti. Melaka has changed a lot since my last visit there. The town looks more organised, cantik, bersih. Bandar Hilir especially. There are few attraction thingy has been added at that town such as menara taming sari, eye on Malaysia, cruise riding and more and more. Dataran Pahlawan Megamall also not bad. But 1 thing that will surely irritates every people when coming there: traffic. Jam kaw-kaw especially weekend! haram j betul. If possible park your car anywhere near that town and just start walking hehe. Owh, and 1 more place to visit when you're in Melaka is, Umbai Medan Ikan Bakar. Ikan-ikan di sana sungguh segar, 'baru naik' bak kata makcik kat kedai tu time aku kat sana ari tu hehe. You can choose to cook the fish half as ikan bakar and the other half as masak sambal or 3 rasa or whatever you like. The price is too, not bad though.

Back from holiday, hah straight away too many pending works came search for me. 1st, all the sijil spm, ic, surat beranak thingy has not yet been photocopied and approved. Next, I didnt go for shopping for my degree yet. My uni fees has not been paid yet. Not yet cut my hair. So many pending work, so little time! wargh. Haha last Thursday I went to UiTM and know what, one of the staff at my faculty, Pn.Haniza warned me to cut my hair before the registration. She was like "Awak, nanti daftar degree? Potong rambut sebelum pendaftaran k. Awak laki ke pompuan? Hehe" in a joking tone lar haha. Shiat, sayang kot nak potong. 1st time simpan rambut sepanjang ni. Habis la lepas ni rambut dah pendek balik. Habis la lepas ni nampak mcm budak skolah balik. Habis la kene gelak. Habis la kene kutuk. Haha.

Alhamdulillah, all those pending works has been done within this week. Yuran dah bayar. Rambut pun dah pendek. Tomorrow (today actually, later) is the registration day. Bet UiTM will be jam-packed tomorrow, so better come there early. Class start on Monday. Owh, and uh, PTPTN result came out already. Alhamdulillah, got offered again. Everything almost done. New chapter will begin. Shah Alam. Degree. UiTM.

Big day tomorrow. Till then! ;D


nana said...

gud luck in entering the uitm in degree life~

potong wambut!!!

Amar Syafiq said...

huhu..thankyuu2 :D

Faziera said...

Uitm strict ke? have to cut ur hair eh?
I thought it doesnt matter..huhu
anyway..gud luck! heee

Amar Syafiq said...

erm uitm shah alam, no. branch campuses (specifically perak), yesss!
ni tgh menyesal potong rambut haha

Anonymous said...

ye ke strict? my fac dulu ade one guy siap kaler rambut highlight purple tak leh blah.

Amar Syafiq said...

err i ckp uitm perak yg strict bkn s.alam blur la u ni heee!!! xD

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