Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Differences

Remember I once said Shah Alam is a place where you need GPS if you want to go somewhere? Well, I was wrong. Shah Alam is actually has an easy to understand route. Within 2 days here I am already able to memorize the route though. But even with the easy route map, it still cant stop me to say that Shah Alam is a bit hot! Gue kekadang mandi 3 kali sehari oh. Hehe

Degree is obviously far different from Diploma. Here, most of the thing, specifically tiny2 thing lecturer wont teach us how. You will have to learn it by your own. For example, how to use this software, how to use this programming language and so on. Learn it by yourself, google it, or anything that can make you understand. Lucky me, I have experienced it during my practical training last time. The company is using C# programming language, the language which UiTM did not teach us and I had to learn it by my own. Practical training has given big impact to me. IWith the experience working in a world of developer I am more prepared in facing my degree and I hope this time around I will score. Tak mo dah main2 and study last minute and get bad result and repeat and such on. InsyaAllah.

Take a look on my course outline. It's a new syllabus, and my badge (batch :p) is the batch yang merasmikannya. It shows that we actually have 7 semesters in total but after credit transfer has been done we all have 2 1/2 semesters, IF we can grad on time. Subject that has already been credit transfered I highlighted it with the gray color. challenge's coming. Let's do this!

Owh, about my MUET. Result came out already. I got band 3. Was really hoping for band 4, but with the effort I put, which was not so good because I didn't prepare enough for this bloody exam, tak tengok pun buku2 lame main pegi jawab exam je sampai terlupa format summary macam mane. Amek ko! haha. Yeah, my writing test is the worst, probably because of my summary. Nevermind, rasa macam nak amik balik, but we shall see. At the meant time, I am satisfy with my result. Ok la tu, engriss gue pun bknnye hebak sangat oh hehe. Concentrate on my degree =)

Hopefully I can make it to Shout Awards this Friday, which is tomorrow. I got free tickets, offered it already to some of my housemates and friends, but it seems that I still have tickets available. Well, if anybody is interested you can inform me k. Hope to meet the fellow Alt Media and my ex-supervisor Elisa. They will cover for Shout Awards Live Streaming there. Kalau diorang tak cukup tangan I boleh je offer tolong. Dapat backstage tu hehe :p Oh and not to forget, Malaysia vs Man Utd on Saturday.

I heard Miss Neko is getting engaged this Saturday (tadi tersilap tulis Neko nak kawen hee). Well, I would like to say 'Selamat bertunang Neko and Hafiz'. And in advanced I would like to say 'Selamat Pengantin Baru'. Semoga kekal ke anak cucu ke akhir hayat, murah rezeki dan dirahmati-Nya. Amin =)

P/s: Rambut kawe dah pendek demo...hahaha

till then ;D


Anonymous said...

oi budak, terbeliak mataku bile membaca statement kawin itew. its tunang, TUNANGGGG!!!! (tapi kalau terbeli adiah kawin neko tak kisah, bak sineh hahahah)

cikedis, mai la dtg ghumah, neko selalu mersa kata2 dengan kamu tapi u realize tak kita skali pun tak pernah jumpe??? how could chuu? u mean kid, seb baik bukan adik , kalau tak dah lama piat telinga tu.

Amar Syafiq said...

owhhhhhhhhhh...yeke? aisey i terkonpius la hehe so kira sempat lagi la kalau nk beli adiah kan hee xp

InsyaAllah datang, umah kamu pun cikedis xtau oh. hahaha yup, mesra kata2 je. ni kalau jumpe depan2 konfem senyap hahaha :p

Amar Syafiq said...

owh2 lupe nnti cikedis edit post ni :p

Sue said...

amar, it's 'batch' not 'badge'. badge means lencana lor.. hehe

jupe ur batchmate smlm. shira. she's wakil part 3. hihi.. our juniors sgtlah ramai. 57 ppl i think.. mcm2 ragam. hehe~ bes btul.

Anonymous said...

lol, tanyelah si sol itew pasal jalan. dun be shy. be shai. haha lawak tak kelakar

Amar Syafiq said...

Sue: haha yeke? xperasan la sue..dah sedap sgt menulis time tu hee :p

neko: hahaha ape susah neko, google map kan ada :p sol busy gile la dia tu mcm diva susah nk jumpe kat fac apakan lagi area umah xP

Sue said...

ahaha.. paham2.. i once did dat too.. masa practical la. send email kat supervisor, minta 1 day's LIFT. (patutnye leave kan?) pastu supervisor tanye, nak pegi tingkat berapa sampai kena spend satu hari? hahaha~ malu gilos. biase la tu. pronounciation sama. type laju sangat la tandanya tu.. :D

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