Friday, March 27, 2009

Afdlin Shauki

Yesterday was the day that Afdlin Shauki came to our office. He was invited to be the judge for our Management Information Services (MIS) Blogging Contest, the open blog contest that was ongoing from September last year till February. Afdlin is one of Malaysian artist that also active in blogging. I just read his blog this morning and the story is very..interesting. Mostly about film industrial in our country.

Anyway, back to the blogging contest. 70 Media Prima staff participated and 12 has been shortlisted. Afdlin checked the blog of the 12 participants one-by-one and about an hour later, the judging, analyzing and the selection was done. We finally got the winner! But, who is it? Shhh...the winner will only be announced during the launch of Media Prima's new Intranet, peopleconnect 2 on 13 March. Hoho for your information, the winner will take home a Macbook worth RM5K. What a deal! hahaha.

During the judging process, Adflin mentioned that the blogging contest was a good idea, because it's like you shares your experience, life, anything around you with people. Our boss, En.Muzamir later told Afdlin that most of the participants were a beginner blogger and Afdlin said this is great! Haha bakat terpendam revealed! :P Afdlin said some of them are really good bloggers, some of them uh, still need to brush up their skills and learn how to make their story more interesting. Blog is like a story-telling. You are communicating with people who read your blog. So how you present your story is like how you perform for your public speaking. You must also update your blog on regular basis. Don't just add 1 post then senyap setahun. Haa...hahaha. Share your opinion, suggestion and idea on something. Hahaha after hearing that i realized that my blog entry yang lepas2 tu pun salah konsep jugak.

Dah cakap pasal blog kemudiannya tukar cakap pasal current project. He is working on this one comedy movie, about an instutuition of hantu. Student there will be taught about how to become a monster, perogol, penyamun dan banyak lagi. The graduated hantu will then be sent to various village, and have the task to scare as many villagers as can. This one graduated hantu were sent to this village named "Kampung Sri Puaka", where the villagers are already familiar with ghosts and hence are not afraid of any kind of ghost. Hmm..imagine what's the reaction of the graduated ghost will be.........sounds cool right? hahaha. Afdlin then had to leave for another appointment with TV9. All MIS staff would like to thank Afdlin for his time with us ;)

This morning, I took my time reading his blog. I read his entry about his current project "Kapoww" and another blog entry "Wajib Tayang". I am really interested in the "Wajib Tayang" article where he gaves his opinion about the "Wajib Tayang" scheme introduced by Finas that protects local films have its place for screening in cinemas in Malaysia. He criticised that with this scheme, his new film "LOS dan FAUN" that was only allowed for screening for just 3 weeks to give way for the other wajib tayang films to come in, while US film "Twillight" which started one week earlier was given more time. These shows that the scheme itself has a problem. He actually likes the scheme. In fact, without the scheme our local films industry will never survived. But for him, the scheme must be improvised! To find out more visit his blog. I strongly recommended! ;D

Overall, I am so happy to meet people like him. As an intern for such a big company, i am very thankful with this opportunity. Oh and uh, i have just create my flickr! betul. Feel free to take a look at it aite? And do leave comments, this will help to improve my photography skills. I'm still new with it though. Haha. Till then.

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