Thursday, June 30, 2011


hi there.

looks like i'm only posting here once a month. well, its better than nothing right? haha :p

at last, my certification program has finished. according to this website, taking this MCPD: certification course outside can cost you up to USD2000. so, it is not a cheap certification program. it was not an easy journey too though. there are 3 exams that i need to pass in order to get the certificate. and, why it is not an easy journey? because i failed 2 of the exams at first. miahaha. but hey, i'm certified now. hehe. alhamdulillah :)

worth USD2000 :D

June is over. course is over. new semester starting in september. 2 months of semester break to go. so, now what? :pp

till then ;D


Sophie Al-yahya said...

wehh..lamanya tak update blog.. ;p

Amar Syafiq said...

belum ada idea lg lah pia..hahaha :S

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