Monday, July 26, 2010


its been awhile. haa

fabregas: this is for arsenal :D

world cup 2010 is over. yeah yeah i admit, the spanish was a better team. Holland, not good enough. Main flying kick lagi tu. haa. But i still dont believe you, paul! it's not your prediction that leads to spain victory. it was just a coincidence. hah! anyway, congrats spain. congrats fabregas! now, lets return to the club football. for the first time in history, i purchased the arsenal home kit at the nike store. bukan la riak, tapi cuma nak berkongsi kegembiraan ini. I decided to buy it cause the design this season is quite nice, perhaps the best ever shirt design in arsenal history so far. they are celebrating the 1971 arsenal kit where they won the double during that season.

woot woot :p

busy semester ahead. semester full of research and presentation. 27/7 enterprise architecture presentation, 29/7 system presentation, 4/8 fyp individual assessment presentation, 5/8 system again presentation. and more to come..oh my haha

ramadhan is just around the corner! yeh! haha

till then ;)


Azam said...

shit! beli ori! nak jugak lah! hahahhaa

Amar Syafiq said...

haha skali skala zam..sebagai arsenal fan hehe. lgpun yg ni mmg aku da plan nk pun cantek!

anisizatyA.J said...

I still think paul the octopus is awesome. Hahaha

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