Saturday, April 17, 2010

as usual

kill! kill that soup kill! oh tensi

Since entering UiTM Shah Alam it is as usual ISE students will be as busy as hell with tons of assignments and projects to be done at the end of every semester. Plus you will be interupted with tests that most lecturer loves to do it serentak so student like us will be very serabut kena study + kejar deadline at the same time *.*

At last, the lecture for this semester is ovah. But work isnt over yet. HCI project, Database project and also System project are still pending. HCI project yet to be finished by this Wednesday. Gah I my paper starts this Friday lo please hci please brambus ASAP. thank god the other 2 projects hantar after exam ><

exams : 23/4 - 3/5

database project presentation: 7/5
system project presentation: 12/5

goods lucks for exams

oh one more think! this is an interesting page for you to visit, espeacially computer freak peole. please2 visit. click here. have fun!

till then!


maRCus said...

amar-cekedis? omg.. wth..? haha.. lawaks la you! XD

ps. how you doing?

Amar Syafiq said...

doing fine marcus. having exam rite now. u le?

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